• 50 Million Women in Asia at risk of Contracting HIV from Intimate Partners

    Bali — An estimated 50 million women in Asia, who are either married or in long-term relationships with men who engage in high-risk sexual behaviours, are at risk of becoming infected with HIV from their partners, according to a report published by UNAIDS in partnership with UNIFEM and other agencies. The report, entitled “HIV Transmission in Intimate Partner Relationships in Asia”, was released in Bali on 11 August at the 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Educational establishments must not discriminate against HIV-infected children

    On September 7th, the Ministry of Education and Training sent a document to provincial departments of education and training not to discriminate against HIV-infected children in educational establishments.
  • NGO Forum Closing Promises New Action on Women's Health and Rights

    BERLIN, GERMANY— A global forum held in Berlin put governments and international donors on notice that advocates for women’s health and rights will now be speaking more frankly and pressing more strongly for speedy action, investment and an end to gender-based discrimination.
  • Ethnic people gain better access to healthcare

    Ho Can Mai, a Pako ethnic minority woman no longer thinks that ghosts and gods cause and treat diseases, but believes in doctors who examine, give advice and provide medicine for treatment.

  • Campaign targets passage of HIV from mother to child

    HA NOI — The Ministry of Health yesterday launched a campaign on prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in an effort to ease the increasing impact of the disease in Viet Nam.