• UN supports Vietnam fight against avian influenza

    The United Nations Tuesday signed an agreement with Vietnam to provide US$16.1 million to implement the second phase of a joint program on prevention and control of bird flu in the Southeast Asian nation.

  • VNGO significantly contributes to implementing MDGs

    Vietnam’s non-governmental organisations (VNGO) group has made significant contributions to implementing the millennium development goals (MDGs), including hunger and poverty reduction, gender equality, sustainable environment, education, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS control.
  • IVM method brings hope to childless couples

    The infertility department of the Tu Du Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City has reported success in impregnating a woman with the In Vitro Maturation of oocytes (IVM) procedure.
  • Anti-malnutrition campaign begins

    The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) will begin, on Oct. 16, a week-long appeal to inform families about nutrition, in the hopes of further reducing malnutrition.
  • Helping women help themselves – shift of HIV struggle

    Researchers, activists and major funders have agreed to a shift in the fight against AIDS to focus on prevention and especially helping women protect themselves.